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I absolutely LOVE fireworks. They fascinate me! I don't understand how they come out in so many different colors, patterns, designs, noises, etc... But I think it is awesome and I really enjoy watching each new burst as it lights the sky!

Much to my joy, Chris and I went to two fireworks shows this year! (Perhaps to make up for not getting to see any last year, but that is a different story!) We got together with some of my family to see a great display last night. Fun was had by all, despite the rain! Even though we already saw fireworks, we HAD to see them today! I mean it's America's birthday and we shouldn't skip out on the actual party, right? That's my reasoning, anyways. Spreading out a blanket and plopping down to ooh and ahh at the night sky with my honey made for the most perfect evening! I loved every second of it!

I also loved looking around at the other couples, families, children, and groups of friends in attendance. It's so cool to know that for that 15, 20, 30 minutes we are united in the tradition of celebrating our nation!

Thank you to our soldiers, past and present, who make sure we are still able to celebrate Independence Day!!

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